• Bathroom basins
Bain / Balnéo


Discover solutions for bath lovers and shower devotees keen on weekend baths  - deep tubs with a showering space or ones fitted with whirlpool systems, for accommodating one or two people, or bathing with children.  Enjoyment as you like it...



Discover our bath offering -  corner, drop-in or freestanding baths in cast iron, Lithocast, our exclusive Flight material, or acrylic, ranging from 120 to 200 cm in size. 

Accessoires de bain

Bath accessories

Here you will find everything you need to install your bath, as well as accessories for added comfort - ranging from the pillow to the solid oak bench.



Made in France and guaranteed 4 years, our whirlpool systems can equip a number of baths. Learn about the benefits of our invigorating, relaxing and draining massages.