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With Jacob Delafon, nothing is left to chance, whether it is the elegance factor on our toilets, or the 10-year guarantee we commit to! Since fixtures can be essential yet stylish, discover our half bathrooms...

WC suspendu

Wall-hung WCs

Wall-hung toilets with the cistern built into a wall or partition are the modern solution for a more stylish, easy-to clean space.

WC à poser


Close-coupled toilets include the bowl and cistern, sold together or separately - the ideal solution for replacing an old fixture without major renovation work. There is no impact on the water supply and installation is fast and easy.



Whether floor-standing or wall-hung, these bidets coordinate with the toilets and are perfect for small hands, sandy feet  or minor accidents.



Discover our commercial urinals.  Focusing on hygiene and water efficiency, some models offer waterless, odorless, or touchless solutions.

Accessoires pour WC et Bidet

Accessories for WCs and bidets

Here are our toilet seats, bidet covers and installation accessories.